About Acps

The Arizona Center for Psychoanalytic Studies educational organization dedicated to:
– training in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic
– supporting activities that enhance public and psychoanalysis;
– collaborating with other mental health disciplines
– providing a forum for psychoanalysts and individuals to present their work;
– establishing and nurturing a psychoanalytic culture.

Depositphotos_7248331_mACPS’ egalitarian spirit is exemplified by the way Candidates and Students participate in the functioning and administration of the Center. Training is viewed as a collaborative effort. Accordingly, there is an non-hierarchical sense of mutuality that informs relationships between Analysts and Candidates. In keeping with a spirit of openness, ACPS welcomes all significant viewpoints in Psychoanalysis and invites Candidates to participate on all committees.

Within this milieu Candidates are encouraged to develop their own voices by integrating theory and practice in their own creative synthesis.

For more information about the Arizona Center for Psychoanalytic Studies, please contact the ACPS Administrator at